The Banquet

The Banquet saw eighty young people from across south London come together to discuss their responses to the London riots around a fifteen metre long table in the South London Gallery's main exhibition space.

This lively and insightful evening was devised and organised by the Art Assassins, a group of 14-20 year olds who meet every Thursday evening at the South London Gallery to share ideas and work on projects inspired by contemporary art. Every detail of this discussion-provoking event had been worked out by the Art Assassins, from the guest list and the Caribbean menu from a local eatery to the specially designed placemats and the large scale projections of films made by the artist Trevor Mathison in collaboration with Art Assassins.

A special edition booklet, Voice of the Voiceless, was also launched at The Banquet. This publication was devised over the past six weeks, bringing together personal reflections on the riots, their causes and impact.
Pick up your free copy of Voice of the Voiceless in the SLG Shop. 

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Lawrence Weiner

26 Sep - 23 Nov 2014, Main Gallery, First Floor Galleries, Fox Garden & Off-site Commission, Free

Having exhibited at the South London Gallery in the group shows Independence in 2003 and Nothing is...



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